We are Florian Glaubitz (born 1985 in Burg) and Robin Kirchner (born 1981 in Berlin). Two photography alumni of the Heidi Specker class of the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. We graduated in 2014 / 2016 and worked on joint projects and exhibitions throughout Germany ever since.


In the anonymity of the growing cities of the 20th century homosexuals found a way of creating their own free spaces. The queer subculture formed an alternative public with their own codes and norms; habits and fashions came along with it.
The current exhibition ‚Crossing’ is reflecting on those narratives and is being held in RFK Raum für Kunst in Düsseldorf. We tried to combine photos of male and queer bodies, different materials and textures but understand each subject as equally valuable to the work. That is why we created this matrix of eight by eight rows, every print in black and white.
The artificial and technical meets the natural and organic. Textiles other materials and reflections of light form a second layer or a new kind of skin which is than appropriated by the human body or put over it. There is a certain ambiguity in the opposing attraction of smoothness and imperfection.

We have shown this work already last year at Heidelberger Kunstverein during the queer festival in Heidelberg, Germany. We followed the invitation after presenting our exhibition ‚fiber/fibre‘ at the very same festival in 2015.
We would be very happy to contribute our work for the NTEZEE ATHENS QUEER ARTS FEST 2019